17th October 2022 
18th October 2022
Doce Making
A few days before the wedding, family, relatives, neighbours, and friends join together to make the Doce. 
Doce meaning 'sweet' in Portugese is a traditional Goan sweet made from the combination of chana dal, freshly grated coconut, sugar which is then flavoured with cardamom.
Over firewood, the doce is meticulously stirred in a 'sotel' and stirred with a special ladle known as 'dyye' all whilst Goan Mandos are sung to bestow blessings

The Doce once prepared can be cut in to diamond shapes or decorated with colourful sweets.

This is the first ceremony which depicts the beginning of the Bride’s new life journey and officially marks start of the Goan wedding celebration. 

The local bangle seller also known as “Kakonnkar” or “volar” fits a set of blessed and colourful glass bangles on the bride’s hands whilst holy chants, knowns as 'mandos' are sung by all who are present. 
The Kakonnkar is offered money, coconut, and some rice grains as a token of gratitude and appreciation by the bride’s family. 
19th October 2022
 In this custom, the bride’s family offers household essentials that would be useful to the bride after marriage. From jewellery, clothes, furniture, and kitchenware too. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
It is essential to send a statue of baby Jesus in the trousseau. This is to make sure that the bride doesn’t need to be dependent on others as she starts her new beginning of life.
As it is the start of a new life, there is strong importance that all essentials are new and not associated with the brides life before marriage, not even a favourite set of pyjamas can get past the front door!
20th October 2022
Ros/Roce is known as the ceremony where the bride and groom are anointed with coconut milk, usually a few days before the wedding.
The ceremony symbolises the beginning of new life. The coconut milk is said to cleanse or purify the couple before the wedding.​​​​​​​
The Roce signifies the end of both their single lives and blesses the forthcoming marriage.​​​​​​​
22nd October 2022
The big day
Roy & Chrissie Wed
The most perfect bride
Mother and Daughter
The bride is doused in sweet smells and bedecked in precious gold
An honour
The bride has officially left her family home and is on route to begin her new life with soon to be husband.
They said
 'I do'
23rd October 2022
Second Day

After the wedding ceremony comes the ‘Appoune’ or ‘Porthopon’.
In this tradition, the bride’s family invites the groom’s family over to their house (usually the next day of the wedding) 
The bride wears a bright red saree or dress called ‘Saddo’.
Saddo is to be worn on the first day after the marriage. It has to be red in colour or red and white.
All neighbours gather and the professional ovio (songs of praise) singers are called to join in. 
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